House of Health 1

Resilience and Strength

The entry level course for our health series

Also includes: Corona Special and Corona Vaccination Partner.

Exercises that make you feel as though you have just been walking in the fresh air.

Five exercises that make the rhythmic system more resistant, strengthen breathing and circulation, and make you more robust to external attacks.

  • Yes and No
  • Sympathy and Antipathy
  • Love and E
  • Hope and U
  • A-H and Reverence

An elastic rhythmic system can withstand a lot. With a hardened system the same attack causes an injury due to the brittle surface, and foreign energies, including sicknesses, can then penetrate your overall system. These movements also support you in getting through an illness as well as possible, allowing a fever, keeping breathing and circulation in motion, increasing the immune defence and getting the metabolism and the excretion of wastes flowing.

In the three course packages A, B and C you will practice and deepen the five central Eurythmy therapy exercises in different ways and in new contexts. Following these paths will strengthen your resilience and increase your capacity of recovering from sickness, while overall fostering an increase in vitality and presence in your everyday life. 

The packages Corona Special and Corona Vaccination Partner put the exercises in a specific order for those facing Corona illness or a decision about Corona vaccination.

Try it out! You have an unlimited right of return within 14 days.

A short run through

The exercises are simple but effective.
14 days unlimited right of return.

Feedback from Course Participants

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Resilience and Strength Main Courses

These courses are ideally tailored to improve heart rate variability. In each package you basically repeat the same exercises over several days, each time in a new way from very different perspectives. This is exactly what makes your core healthy and strong. Repetition and variability build your health, ensure your inner elasticity and strength, and this is how this course is structured.  (Learn more about HRV below)

Questions and Pointers
25 videos, for free

Here you can see Theodor answering the questions relating to all of the course modules listed here. Some examples:

  • Yes and No: Why is yes on the left and no on the right? Where does Yes and No originate?  When do I inhale and exhale?
  • Why don't we switch legs for Sympathy and Antipathy? Can I also use my right leg as a supporting one?
  • Do I feel the O when I do Love? What is the difference between the big E-gesture and the Love-gesture?
  • Are the toes lifted up all the time during Hope and U?
  • How do I activate the reverence stream?

Package A

Intense and Powerful

You do the same exercise every day for an entire one week long, getting to know new aspects of it each time. Depending on the video length, this takes about ten minutes a day.

Then you move to the next exercise at the start of each week. As you repeat each exercise for seven days, you make it more and more your own.

Over time you will notice that you are not just doing an exercise, but you are accessing something that is deep inside you. This internal connection becomes more and more natural and diverse, and turns into a resource that you can access regularly and as needed.

5 weeks

Package B

Tranquillity and Relaxation

After completing Package A you will know the exercises inside and out. Now you can do them in a relaxed manner and immerse yourself in the flow and context.

Because this approach brings a lot of tranquillity and relaxation, we usually recommend doing only one practice day per week during this phase, preferably on Saturday, and taking six weeks for this block. If you want to work at a more vigorous rhythm, you can do three sets a week and be done in two weeks.

We advise against daily practice in this phase, pausing and letting go is an essential part of the middle of something.

6 or 2 weeks

Package C

Variation and Change

Every weekday you do a different exercise and summarize it in a full run-through on Saturday. You repeat this flow from week to week with new exercises and videos.

You feel enlivened and you will soon have the feeling of moving freely and self-determinedly through the basically infinite universe of these exercises.

Your breathing and circulation become stronger. Because the quality of your breathing is an expression of your overall constitution, you feel more and more at home in yourself. Whatever comes to meet you, you will find yourself able to greet it and embrace it.

6 weeks

Corona Emergency Courses

If you (or someone you know) are currently facing Corona illness or a decision about Corona vaccination, then consider either of those specialty formulations of the materials, which are intended to get more pointedly at those issues.

Corona Special

In this course you will do the five Resilience and Strength exercises in a special order to move through Corona with a stronger constitution and even benefiting from it in the long run.

Eurythmy4you’s approach to these exercises will help you bring the forces of the I into action in such a way that the movement of the body and the limbs arise from an inner, active observation. These five eurythmy exercises can be of great help to you, especially during and after the recovery period.

It is best to start when your fever has subsided and you no longer have any strong symptoms. When doing the exercises, it is important that you remain attentive to whether the exercises are doing you good and only then progress to the next ones.

All the best and a speedy recovery!

Buy individually for € 35.-/25.-

Corona Vaccination Partner

In all countries, people are strongly advised to get vaccinated against Corona and also to do the follow-up vaccinations. It is well known that vaccination puts a strain on the body. It is meaningful and possible to prepare for it.

For those who do not want to be vaccinated for various reasons, it is even more difficult. There is growing social and regulatory pressure to vaccinate. In addition to health concerns for everyone, there are mental and personal integrity impacts to one’s personal identity.

How can I prepare myself for a vaccination – whether I want to take it or not? The content of this package is designed to help people who have to take it, but don’t want to, and also those who are willing, but want to minimize the potential negative impacts.

Buy individually for € 35.-/25.-

If I want to strengthen myself in general, which of the basic packages A,B,C is the right one for me?

You can start with any of the three course packages (A, B, or C). You can only do one block, two, or all three. Depending on how you feel and how long you want to stick with it. Depending on the block, you will do one of the five exercises for 5 to 10 minutes a day or once a week for 30 to 40 minutes.

After the first block you will experience how much better you already feel and how many inner resources have already become available to you. As you move to the second block (B) you work completely differently, do the exercises less often, but longer, and everything becomes more natural. In the third block you notice that what you have achieved cannot be taken away from you. We recommend a week's break between the blocks.

If you know your temperament, then you can also use that to help you decide which package you should start with.

Choleric and melancholic individuals may benefit from going through the three packages from left to right (A-B-C). Sanguine people may benefit most from going through the three packages from right to left (C-B-A). Phlegmatic people have the free choice between either direction or do only B.

Buy all five packages for only € 75.-/50.-

How can I measure my progress?

Heart Rate Variability - HRV

Heart rate variability is a measure of the general adaptability of your organism. Heart rate variability describes the ability of the heart to continuously change the time interval from one heartbeat to the next and to adapt flexibly to the constantly changing challenges we experience in life. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for accelerating or decelerating the heartbeat; it is controlled by activating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

We are convinced that you will notice an improvement in your heart rate variability after just a few weeks. To determine it, you carry a measuring device with you that records the heart rate and its variability to the millisecond. The more diverse this is, the more stable your state of health is.

To do this, however, you would have to know someone who has such devices available and who can evaluate the results for you. Individual HRV machines are available through Eurythmy4you will be exploring how we can make these devices readily available to you. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Your joy and your self-awareness

Eurythmy activates your inner voice, your self-perception, and a feeling of playful joy in your body feeling. When you notice this, you can be sure that you did everything right, and that your body feels empowered and is showing you that too. Then you just have to be careful that you accept these feelings of well-being, and support your head, which often thinks it knows better than the heart, to accept them too.

You can trust yourself and your feelings!